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I'm a UI & Visual designer with over 20 years in the design industry. I create cohesive designs that elevate brands and prioritize functionality for the user.

I enjoy using visual systems to create unified designs and meaningful user experiences, approaching each project with enthusiasm and an eye for detail.

I use creative problem solving and critical thinking to uplift products to the next level through a design process that includes exploration, iteration, design synthesis, and solid communication.

I'm passionate about what I do and I believe that design is a valuable tool for expression, communication, and connection with our community. 


Understanding the architecture, how everything fits together and helping the user easily find what they need is vital.


Through research, analysis & design iteration, I uncover creative solutions in order to move the project solidly forward.


After gaining insight and focus, I alchemize the design components and branding into a unified whole.


I excel at communicating and strategizing with clients and stakeholders throughout the process.

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